About us

MAIN HAND TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a professional manufacturing factory and supplier for precise parts, we’ve professional 30 employees, prime technologies and rich experiences in production processes, R&D and quality control.

“Service first, quality supreme” is the consistent tenet of MAIN HAND since its establishment.。

MAIN HAND is proud for providing the customers with satisfactory services and our goal is to providing the customers with more profits. Therefore, MAIN HAND always process various precise parts for customers satisfactorily with our strong service team, quality control of the highest level and the most reasonable price.
We insists that only better quality can bring better businesses; reasonable price can attract good customers. Our duty is to solve problems for the customers.
MAIN HAND serves in a wide range of businesses, we have been entrusted to manufacture bicycles parts, automobiles parts, motorcycles parts, clock and watch parts, photoelectrical parts, parts for fixture machine tools, industrial machinery, electronic machinery as well as fixture, consumable materials, peripheral fittings for computers, sports equipment, paintgun parts, peripheral devices for food machinery and medical equipment, parts and consumables for semi-conductor machinery and sealing machines etc. we have build fine public credit and praise for domestic orders and overseas orders from US, Japan, France or Germany, as long as they are within our range of business and capability. The most important matters to complete the tasks entrusted by the customers are quality, price and delivery date.

❧ 栽培介質
❧ 培養土
❧ 塑膠製品
❧ 水泥花盆
❧ 陶製花盆
❧ 氧化鎂花盆
❧ 素燒製品花盆
❧ 水磨石花盆
❧ 樹脂製造型花盆
❧ 瓷花盆花瓶水缽製品
❧ 柴燒陶製花盆水缸
❧ 藤製、鐵製花盆
❧ 花架吊架支柱鐵鋁製品
❧ 庭園竹木製品
❧ 造景燈、泵浦、流水組
❧ 造景石材及材料
❧ 控制器及灑水器材
❧ 遮光網菱型網防蟲網
❧ 肥料
❧ 園藝藥劑
❧ 園藝五金工具
❧ 吊飾裝飾品